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  2. A rally "Give me five, if you are against United Russia" in Belgorod

A rally "Give me five, if you are against United Russia" in Belgorod

Maxim Klimov
by Tatiana Grigorieva
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On November 4, the activist of the Russian movement Open Russia Maxim Klimov held a single picket with a poster "Give me five, if you are against United Russia". Several passers-by supported him and told the «7x7» correspondent that they were also tired of the ruling party and its policies, and one pensioner grumbled: "I am tired of everyone, and of you as well!"

Not far from the activist there was a "polar bear" — a symbol of United Russia; he was holding a box with the inscription "Budget". Belgorod citizens was happy to take pictures with an animator in a bear costume and said that they were tired of living in a country where people's money was constantly being stolen, and people are striving to make ends meet. Some passers-by, including foreign students and children, took pictures with a bear, without understanding the meaning of the protest action. The coordinator of the Belgorod branch of the movement Open Russia Dmitry Shershnev explained to the «7x7» correspondent that Maxim Klimov held a single picket, and "the polar bear came from the forest and has no relation to the picket".



At the end of the action, bear stole a box with "Russian budget" and ran away.

"I went to the action to find out what people think about United Russia. As a result, I became convinced that people do not support the ruling party of high-ranking officials. None of the passers-by spoke out in defense of United Russia," said Maxim Klimov.

Maxim Klimov was twice fined for participating in the activities of the Open Russia movement. On October 31, he was fined for attending a seminar, after which he and two other people were considered members of the British organization Open Russia undesirable in Russia. Despite the same name, the Russian organization is not related to the British one.

On July 24, two members of the movement Open Russia Vladimir Chernyshev and Maxim Klimov were fined 5 thousand rubles for participating in the activities of an undesirable organization. In April, Chernyshev rented a room at a Belgorod hotel for a lecture by politician Mikhail Svetov and the founding conference of the Open Russia movement in the Belgorod Region, and Klimov took part in it.

Tatiana Grigorieva, photo of the author, «7x7»

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