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  2. War veteran from Ivanovo uses pistol to attack local over peace sign

War veteran from Ivanovo uses pistol to attack local over peace sign

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Former war participant from Ivanovo attacked a holder of a peace sign with a handgun. The attacker’s ex-wife previously filed 30 complaints concerning murder threats against him. The incident was reported by the IvanovoNews TV channel on April 24.

A resident of Ivanovo informed a local TV channel about a man who was roaming the city streets with a pistol and threatening pedestrians, claiming to be a participant in the war in Ukraine. He provided a video filmed from the attacker’s point of view. The disturber had his phone in one hand to film the video while pointing a handgun at the young man.

"Do you actually support Russia? Are you against this, I mean, the war?"

"I am against the war."

"Wait, you bitch. Do you wanna die? You are a bitch. You have this anti-war sign, and soon, we are going to f*** you all."

After these words, the veteran took a shot into the void and shouted, "Join the army, bitch, for Russia, for f****** Ivanovo."

According to the IN TV channel, the video features a 48-year-old man named Dmitry. In 2022, his ex-wife contacted journalists, seeking protection. The man threatened her and their neighbors with murder, broke windows, stalked the woman, and wrote menacing messages on the walls of her house. The Ivanovo resident claims that she filed about 30 complaints with the police, but her ex-husband was not detained. The woman wants to bring the police officers to justice for their inaction.

Journalists discovered that Dmitry had joined the army as a volunteer, but returned to Ivanovo after being injured. On April 23, the Ivanovo police reported the man’s arrest. They found a TT pistol and ammunition on him. The attacker has been placed in a temporary detention facility. According to local media outlets, the holder of a peace sign has also been subjected to police inspection, but the nature of his case has not been disclosed.

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